Large scale automated legacy cad data migration projects

Theorem provides solutions for large scale automated data migration projects to companies with large volumes of legacy CAD data that needs to be accurately translated into new formats. Theorem’s advanced technical solutions and expertise enable companies to seamlessly carry forward legacy CAD data into the latest generation CAD systems without the need to tie up valuable resource.

Why spend valuable time recreating a lifetimes worth of engineering data from scratch in a new CAD system when Theorem’s Automated Legacy CAD Migration Services will do the work for you!

If you have used CAD systems for many years the need to migrate legacy data to a newer system will arise.

Every migration project is different, which means that every solution is different. It’s the ‘process’ that is the important factor, not just the resulting format.

To accurately move data into a new design environment requires a tailored solution.

That’s an expensive sounding sentence but when weighing up the cost of annually maintaining unsupported hardware and software in order to access legacy data suddenly its not!

Theorem’s migration service will:

  • Analyse the requirement
  • Create a feasibility report
  • Automate the migration process
  • Can be implemented within a short time frame
  • Work across many different data types
  • Be applied to migration projects of any size
  • Automate data validation without costly manual intervention
  • Automate the production of audit trails without costly manual intervention
  • Validate and check the migrated data.
  • Be tailored to suit your company’s needs

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