Theorem’s Legacy CAD Data Migration Highlights

• Remove the cost of maintaining legacy CAD systems
• Eliminate the need to retain costly skills to support redundant hardware or
• Free up space currently used to store legacy data
• Translate existing legacy data into the format of choice for use today
• Translate existing legacy data into a format that will be long term accessible
• Utilise industry wide technology to create the ideal solution
• Automate processes to reduce manual intervention to an absolute minimum
• Prevent legacy data from accumulating in an unusable format
• Validate and check the translated data as part of a legacy migration
• Identify and highlight poor quality data
• Automatically maintain detailed audit trail(s) of whole legacy migration
• Completely offload the task of migrating legacy CAD/Engineering data

Theorem can consult, audit and report on the best practices and options for
legacy migration and make independent recommendations to meet specific
requirements and timescales.

For further information on Theorem’s Legacy CAD Data Migration Solutions:


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